World-Class Manufacturing

Once approved, your new product specifications are delivered to our global network of world-class manufacturing facilities. We are the best in the world at manufacturing the categories of flow control products we offer, and here’s what we offer:

In the US we operate a fully integrated manufacturing facility and foundry in New England…and a stainless steel backflow preventer manufacturing lines on the West Coast. All of our state-of-the-art facilities are well versed in supplying custom engineered products for OEM customers.

Thumbnail of inside foundry
Thumbnail of inside Pex Extrusion facility

Our center in Germany is a leader in the European hydronic heating market, supplying global OEMs a complete single source solution including valves, manifolds, and electronic controls. Our manufacturing facility in North Africa provides the ramp up and manufacturing support for electronic boards ranging from small to average to large batch size. Products are often manufactured on the continent in small runs before being transferred to North Africa for full production.

Thumbnail of inside Germany facility
Thumbnail of inside France facility

In Asia our manufacturing efforts are augmented with a focus on distribution. Our regional distribution center is a trading company, located in the port city of Ningbo. This logistics zone allows us to load multiple shipments in a single container, resulting in significant VAT savings. We can efficiently consolidate the quality control, handling, and shipping of products from our Asian centers as individual drop shipments or as containers delivered to destinations of the OEM customer’s choice.

Thumbnail of inside Asia facility
Thumbnail of inside Changsha facility