Industries Served

Agriculture & Irrigation

Delivering large volumes of water efficiently is critical to the agriculture and irrigation markets. Extended downtime can cost business owners and their customer’s money, and protecting the public drinking water supply from fertilizers and pesticides is essential. Our companies have designed the highest quality solutions for meeting these and other needs, including backflow prevention devices, control valves, and pipe connection systems.

Image of Agriculture & Irrigation at a residential home


Patient safety and comfort are critical in the healthcare industry, whether those patients are visiting or staying in a doctor’s office, hospital, or extended care facility. Our companies provide a full range of solutions designed to help ensure safety and comfort, including: Water tempering devices designed to prevent the spread of legionella, piping for safe disposal of chemicals, water filtration systems for ensuring water quality, snow melting systems for rooftop helicopter landing pads, and fully ADA compliant drains for hospital shower stalls.

Image of Healthcare facility

Manufacturing & Industrial

Reliable and continuous water conveyance is essential for many manufacturing and industrial operations. These facilities also face a growing requirement to conserve water usage and maximize energy efficiency. Our family of companies offer a range of solutions designed to address these needs, including: Basket strainers for equipment protection, filtration solutions for reducing contaminants in waste water, and hygienic stainless steel drains and piping for sanitary waste disposal.

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Residential Housing

Safety, comfort, and energy savings are priorities for residential builders, contractors, and homeowners alike—and our companies offer a full suite of products and solutions for addressing these issues. Our tubing and connection systems are designed to transport potable water reliably and efficiently, our flood protection products are designed to protect against costly water damage, and our anti-scale water conditioning products are designed to reduce the damaging effects of hard water scale on appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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Foodservice & Hospitality

Customers and guests come first in the foodservice and hospitality industry, and that means peace of mind and comfort are priorities. Our companies offer a range of solutions for hotels, restaurants, and beverage service providers, including: Radiant floor heating systems for hotel bathrooms; water filtration systems designed to ensure high-quality, great-tasting water for potable use; faucets, sinks, and rinse devices designed to optimize performance and reduce maintenance downtime in commercial kitchens; and gas connection products designed ensure the safe delivery and use of gas in kitchen settings.

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Commercial & Educational

Commercial and educational facilities—from office buildings to colleges—need to provide safe and easily maintained systems for a wide range of applications. To that end our companies offer solutions designed to address these needs, including: Anti-scale systems requiring minimal maintenance when compared to more traditional water softeners; rainwater harvesting systems for reducing water use in irrigation, toilet, and laundry operations; and HVAC control systems for centralized air conditioning & heating operations.

Image of Commercial property


Marine environments can be harsh and unforgiving. As such, they require a tough & reliable set of solutions for applications ranging from recreational boating to large cruise and cargo ships. Our companies provide solutions designed to meet their needs, including: Stainless steel drain and piping systems for reliable sanitary discharge, ballast water monitoring system to ensure ships meet regulations regarding invasive species, and quick-connect fittings for fast boat hookups and repairs.

Image of large boat

Municipal Waterworks

Today’s municipal waterworks facilities are charged with safeguarding the public water supply, a responsibility that includes challenges ranging from proper conveyance of polluted water to replacing the United States’ aging water infrastructure. Our companies offer a wide range of solutions in this area, including: Backflow assemblies designed to prevent the reverse flow of polluted water into public water supplies, control valves for transporting of water, and water quality monitoring instrumentation designed to control and monitor pH, chlorine, and contaminants in drinking water supplies.

Image of municipal facility